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DIY Macrame Blanket Ladder Tutorial

I love how a good and simple project can totally change the way a day is going. I've had this idea in my had for the longest time now to use macrame knots and pieces of wood to create a hanging macrame blanket ladder. It was so easy to figure out how to make it work and I'm so excited to share how you can also make a macrame blanket ladder for your home.

Colorful, Eclectic, and Glam Style Bloggers You'll Love!

In a time when we are isolated and closed off from people, the internet can be a great place to make connections. Not just to keep in touch with others, but to make new relationships too. That's why I wanted to take a moment to highlight a few fellow bloggers with colorful, eclectic, and glam styles that I think you'll love!

5 DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath Tutorials | DIY Mommy Spring Challenge

Now that the days are beginning to grow longer, the birds are starting to sing, and the flowers are beginning to bloom, I'm ready to enjoy all things Spring. One of the first things I do at the beginning of a new season is hang a wreath on the door. I hadn't yet made one for Spring yet though so I made not just one, but five different wreaths to try out. They're made using dollar store materials so they're all budget friendly and are all unique in style so there's something here for everyone.

15 Simple Ways To Enjoy Being Home

15 Simple Ways To Enjoy Being Home  - TheBohoAbode

For the homebody, spending time at home is already a joy. Sometimes a change in routine leaves us unsure of what to do with our time at home though. Or maybe you're not a homebody who has found themselves stuck at home for one reason or another. There are simple joys in being home and I've rounded up my favorites for you to try today.

How To Paint A Teal Dresser | Easy Big Impact Design

Easy Projects For Big Impact Design - Paint A Bright Teal Dresser TheBohoAbode Project

Paint is absolutely one of the most impactful ways you can create change in a space. That's why you'll see paint projects for every object. It's smart, it's budget friendly, and it can be as bold or mellow as your heart desires. And my heart? It desires the bold. That's why I was thrilled to give my kiddo the teal dresser of his dreams. Today I'm going to share how I painted our teal dresser for an easy, big impact punch of color in his bedroom design.

Big Impact Low Effort Design | Photowall Mural Accent Wall

Lately when designing rooms in my home, my first instinct is to think of where I can add the biggest impact with the lowest amount of effort. I'm addicted to the way a room feels after something dramatic has been added. More than anything though, I love when I can makeover the vibe of a room with minimal energy. Murals are a perfect way of adding a lot of impact to a room design with low effort. Today I'm going to show you how I created an accent wall in my child's room with a Photowall mural.

One Week Kid Room Makeover - Boho Eclectic Design

Did I mention I was making over my child's room in just a week? I know I didn't because it was kind of spontaneous and the deadline was totally made up. It certainly was a fun challenge though. His room desperately needed changes. And in just one week, I totally redesigned the style and function of the room. I'm excited to share the big impact changes that took minimal time in his room makeover with you today.