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Refreshing The Living Room Decor For Spring

We've had one of the mildest winters I can remember having in several years but I am still just as excited for Spring's arrival. The time change really flipped the switch for me and I feel like I can almost taste summer because of it. I always get a bit more blue after the holidays so I had started prepping the living room for Spring's arrival back in June. Now that it is officially here, I've given the whole space a bit of a refresh. Today I'm going to show you how I refreshed my living room for Spring and my tips and ideas for bringing a fresh new feel to your space, too.

My Mini Library Bookcase Decorating

I've been working on reading a different book every month this year. It's part of my bigger new years resolution to focus on self-care. Self-care for me includes doing things that bring me joy. Reading hasn’t been a priority for me in a long time because it wasn't an immediate necessity. Now I realize that taking the time for things I enjoy is a priority because when I feel better, I can do better. So I started by making this corner of my living room into a mini reading library. Now that I've used the bookcase for a while now, I wanted to share how it is I organize and display my books and how I've decorated the whole mini-library space.

How To Decorate Above Bedroom Dresser With Art And Color Boho Style

I did a little decorative rearranging in my bedroom recently because I wasn't feeling inspired by the space anymore. It isn't a space I spent a lot of awake time in but I was actually beginning to avoid it. I felt like the art wasn't working and I'd taken all of the books out of here to go onto the bookcase in the living room so the decor was in a bit of disarray. With a reimagined picture ledge from storage, some colorful art prints, and a bit of shopping my house, I created a cohesive boho styled dresser space in my bedroom that I am now really happy with!

Boho Valentine's Day Dinner Table Setting

One of my favorite ways of decorating for smaller holidays like Valentine's day is simply by putting together a dinner table setting. It's a simple gesture that can be enjoyed multiple nights throughout the month. This Valentine's day decorating idea would make a great table setting for an intimate dinner for two and for a dinner party of multiple guests. Just add or take away as many plates as you need to accommodate your dinner. I've set a boho Valentine's Day dinner table setting to enjoy the season of dwelling on and celebrating love and I hope you'll do the same.

How To Create A Cozy Reading Space - Sponsored

One of my goals for the 2019 year is to read more. I love to read and used to read a lot more before my plate became full of parenting, homekeeping, working, and general life happenings. In my journey of prioritizing self-care, I've realized I needed to prioritize tasks that I enjoy and grow me as a person. To encourage myself to stay on track with this goal, I decided to carve out a corner of the living room into a cozy reading space. Today I'm going to share with you how to create a cozy reading space in your own home.

Full Boho Design Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

Making over my bathroom took a lot longer than I had originally planned. A lot of that was poor planning and a lot of that was simply trying to make this happen on an ever fluctuating budget. But we are here and the bathroom is quite beautiful. With it's subtle globally inspired details and it's carefully curated boho design, this full bathroom is no longer the eyesore it was when we first moved in. Let's take a look around at everything this boho bathroom makeover has to offer.

Boho Living Room Makeover Design

Through a series of unexpected events, the living room at the boho abode is getting a makeover. Some of this is due to the move in the coming months but a lot of it is pure stars aligning. Layers of eclectic decor atop modern and vintage (and vintage inspired) furniture and lots of global inspired textures will come together to create a space that is interesting, makes good use of the space, and as always- is a budget friendly design.