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The Boho Lounge Room Tour

The Boho Lounge is a space in my home where we can step away from the chaos of life and rejuvenate ourselves with rest, libations and inspiration with company and in solitude. Different from the pace of life that happens in the main living room of The Boho Abode, The Boho Lounge has been designed to be a retreat. Seamlessly transitioning from the gathering place to pour and share drinks, the place for a nap while the birds sing, the place for pulling out all of the books for learning and dreaming up new ideas, the place for pulling out board games and cards, and the place for meditating. The Boho Lounge is for all of the parts of life that fuel, spiritually.

A sneak peek update for The Boho Lounge ORC

I almost had the room completed in time for the One Room Challenge reveal. Honestly, if I hadn't goofed my scheduling with Spring Break I totally would've had this in the bag! But it's okay. In just a few more days I will have the last few details in place and will have the styled photos to share. For now, I want to share what all has been done since last week's check-in.

Repurposed China Cabinet Hutch To Bar Cabinet

I've decided on a very, very last minute design change to The Boho Lounge. We are cutting it so stinking close to the end of The One Room Challenge and it's kind of the worst time to make changes to the space but I am inspired and I just have to see this project through. Originally I was going to use the bottom half of the china cabinet as a bar cabinet in this space. Now I'm thinking I'm going to use the bottom half in the living room. And I'll use the top half as a bar cabinet in The Boho Lounge.

Two Toned Painted Walls & What I've Learned About Painting Furniture

Greetings everyone. I'm another week into transforming our sunroom into The Boho Lounge and while there are no exciting pictures to share yet, I've still made a lot of progress. Or I hope you'll agree it's a lot of progress because I am wiped out! I've been prepping furniture to be painted, started painting furniture, finished (I think) the walls and I feel like the room is finally taking shape! I think I need to take a moment away from painting over the weekend so I can take inventory of the smaller projects that still need to be finished so they don't catch up all at once at the last minute. Anyways, let me dive into all of the progress of The Boho Lounge's transformation.

A Quick One Room Challenge Update On The Boho Lounge

I sabotaged my own self on this week's One Room Challenge update by not realizing we were scheduled to go out of town for spring break this week. And then when I thought I'd just type up the update while we were on vacation, I realized I had left my laptop back at home. So this is just going to be a quick update on what progress was made in the few days between the last update and our road trip.

Preparing The Boho Lounge For Paint

Ugh, I am so exhausted. Like, I'm so tired I don't even want to be typing this blog post right now. I'm hitting a mental block and my brain just wants to go to moosh. But the reason I'm so tired is the reason for this blog post. So I need to push through and tell you all about what I've been up to! This is week 2 of the One Room Challenge. Let's jump in.

Everything You Need To Know About Basket Walls

Scroll Instagram or Pinterest for a few moments are you're going to see a basket on a wall. Why are people using baskets for wall decor instead of storage? What makes baskets such an appealing decorative item across a multitude of styles? Baskets add effortless texture and a sculptural element to a room. They come in endless sizes and colors. You can choose one special stand-alone basket or group a whole collection of them together. And with baskets available from everywhere from high-end fair trade boutiques to thrift shops, they're a perfect fit for every decorating budget. Today I'm going to share everything you need to know about basket walls from what to look for, how to hang them, and tricks for damage free basket hanging.