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Amazon Prime day has been all the talk of the town lately and as a result, I've had Amazon on my mind. I've been inspired to look back on my Amazon lists to see what all I had added to them and found a lot of great gems that led me to look through all my favorite categories again. I'm sure you don't need to hear it from me, but you can find everything there! I've collected my favorite items for home (and a few bonus items) below to share with you today.

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Right now greenery, metallics, natural wood and the colors mustard and coral are trending home decor. You'll see a lot of Scandinavian and mid-century modern styles in shops and online. But that doesn't mean boho style can't enjoy some or all of the elements from those styles. I've round up some of my favorite trendy home decor items that will fit in perfectly with a variety of home styles. Take a look at them and let me know which one are your favorites in the comments below.

If you really love this aesthetic you could go all out and redecorate your whole house. But my favorite way of looking at trends is picking a few pieces that I love and that compliment the decor in my home that I already have. For me, this had meant draping a yellow throw in a few rooms of my home and switching out a few cushion covers. I've got major heart eyes for the hanging planters and terracotta vase though! Who am I kidding, I've got major heart eyes for it all.

Whether or not you're doing major Amazon shopping on Prime day this year, these finds are all affordably priced. And despite being trendy at the moment, they're also timeless so you'll know you'll have a piece you can use in your home for many seasons.

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