Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace ornament

I find the holidays to be the perfect time of year to introduce my friends and family to something I feel very passionately about. And that's supporting fair trade. Too often, manufacturers take advantage of skilled artisans in countries without labor laws like those in the USA. Supporting companies that support sustainable income instead of the bottom dollar is a great way to give with purpose. This year I'm partnered up with Macy's to help spread the word on the Rwanda Path to Peace ornaments.

I was gifted a product from the Macy's Heart of Haiti line however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

There's an entire line of home goods from the line. These goods have meaning for the women of Rwanda. If you aren't aware of the history of Rwanda, in 1994 a massive slaughter occur, killing 20% (close to a million) of the nation's population in just three months. The women left behind sought out purpose and income and their basket weaving became just that.

While I would absolutely encourage you to make a donation to one of your favorite reputable charities, it's also really important to support the whole world's economy by supporting trade-not-aid programs like this one. When people can support themselves economically, they are independent, confident and self-sufficient. Don't we all want to feel those things?

So at this point you're probably anxious to know where you can buy some of these items for yourself and/or to gift, right? Well, I was anxious to know where I could buy these items when I first heard about them, so I'm going to assume you are too. Visit the Macy's website here.

If I've still got your attention, I wanted to share the ornament that they sent to me in exchange for sharing this line with you. By now you must know that I am enamored with goods from other cultures. Woven baskets and plates are some of the most beautiful pieces you can bring into a home in my opinion.

If you remember my colorful, global bohemian Christmas tree style post, you'll remember that I love to incorporate ornaments from and inspired by cultures around the world. How much more perfect does an ornament get for a tree like that, right? The ribbon has 2016 printed on it and it's a limited availability ornament. Mine is #199 and came with a signed card of authenticity. It's beautiful, bohemian, and Uwimana (the artisan who created my ornament) received compensation that helps "feed and educate her children, gain access to healthcare and assume leadership in her community."

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  1. I really like the idea of using my Rwanda ornament as a time capsule! Each of our ornaments hold rare memories from the places we got them but jotting down a small bit about this moment in time and putting it inside my Path to Peace ornament is such a good idea! And I totally know where Solvang is! We used to stop there often during our drives to and from Southern CA as a family and always buy cookies from the amazing bakeries in town!


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