Indian Inspired Copper Stenciled Wall Border

indian ikat stencil with copper paint in a bathroom for a budget friendly global inspired look

I finally have a post about some progress on the bathroom. At this point the major stuff in the bathroom is finished. The walls are insulated, re-drywalled and painted. There's a new tub, new tile, new floors, new vanity. Pipes have been moved, electrical has been moved. It's a fully functioning bathroom. But, I like flavor. I like knick knacks. I like pattern and texture and plants. So I'm still working on putting all of that in. One of the things I've planned on doing since the beginning is a copper, global inspired border along the ceiling. I'm a fan of the look when I see it done in moroccan interiors.

How To Create an Indian Inspired Copper Stenciled Wall Border

my bathroom stencil set up

My set up involved a step ladder with a work surface, my brush, the paint, a roll of tape to refresh the stickiness as the tape wears off from moving the stencil over and over, and the stencil. For the area above the sink, I removed the mirror and stood on the vanity.

copper indian ikat stencil in a global inspired bathroom

It's a really simple process that involves a large dry brush, a copper paint to dip the brush into, and a stippling motion of the stencil taped in place.

For a worn look, like the one I was going for, a sparsely bristled brush and a "messy" stamping motion disperses the paint heavier in some areas and lighter in others where the paint has worn off the brush. I enjoy the textured look it has but if you want a fuller coverage, a sponge brush would give you a fuller and more opaque coverage quicker.

indian ikat stencil with copper paint in a bathroom

global inspired bathroom remodel moroccan tile and indian ikat stencil

The lighting is terrible in the bathroom. There's a lot of yellow light which really throws off the color in the space. I may just change out the edison style bulbs in the lights sometime before I take pictures of the finished space. I was too excited to share this to not share just because of the lighting though.

I know it's kind of a bold decision to do a stencil like this on the walls but I really like the look. And I think you should totally go bold with things like paint. It's easy to paint over!

layered window treatments with a copper indian stencil border

(and of course I wouldn't  notice the shades were crooked until finalizing the post- oops!)

Stenciling a fun border on the walls in a small space like a bathroom is a really unique way to bring your particular style to a space. It's a small commitment and really inexpensive! Plus, the stencil is reuseable so there's tons more projects that can come out of buying it.

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