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Gilded Floral Jewelry Hanger Tutorial | Dollar Store DIY

I've been working on refreshing my bedroom since last summer and the room is pretty much complete. There are a few things that I knew needed to be done though. And one of those things was to find a way to store and display my small jewelry collection. A mix of DIY, dollar store supplies, and a sunny afternoon and I had myself a gilded floral jewelry hanger. Today I'm excited to share the tutorial with you. 

Creating A Mood With Temporary Wallpaper | NYNR Challenge

Have you ever just known a room needed something dramatic, in a safe dose? That's kind of a funny way of putting it, but it's exactly how I felt about my dining room. It needed something interesting and dramatic. A peel and stick wallpaper ended up being the perfect solution for this room. Whether you're going for whimsy, airy, bright and happy, moody, or something else, it's easy to create a mood with temporary wallpaper.

Refresh A Room With Patterned Rugs | Mohawk Home

With the beginning of the year comes excitement for the fresh and new. I'm excited every January to join the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge because it feels like I'm starting the year and my home on the right foot. One of my favorite ways to refresh a space is to switch up the area rug. Lately I've been loving patterned area rugs so I'm excited to share some favorites as well as the new area rug for my dining room.

Luxe Tassel Fireplace Garland With SmithHonig | NYNR Challenge

Aren't fireplaces such lovely things? The warmth they provide and their architectural beauty make them a piece to covet. And covet them I do! I don't have a functional fireplace but I do have a salvaged mantel that I love to dress up. Recently I painted it black and the velvety finish begged for a luxurious bohemian garland. I paired some stunning silk tassels with jewelry making material to create a luxe tassel fireplace garland and I'm excited to share the tutorial with you today.

5 Simple Winter Wellness Things To Do And Use

Winter has settled in and that means a different pace of life. The things I want to do aren't necessarily the things I should do through this season though. If you can relate, I have a few simple things you can do in your journey to winter wellness. These are little things you can add into your daily routine to keep you healthier, happier, and all around well.

Moody Boho Dining Room Plans | NYNR Refresh Challenge

It's the first Tuesday of January which means the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge is kicking off today! I love taking on a room refresh at the beginning of the year. It feels like such a great way to start the year. This year I'm taking on a room that's mostly done on a surface level but it has so much more room for finishing details. I'm excited to be adding moody layers and finishing some DIY projects to create a moody bohemian dining room.

Boho Dresser Decorating | Colorful, Plant Filled Bedroom

Sometimes I have a very clear idea of what I want to do in a room. And sometimes I feel completely uninspired and pretend it doesn't exist. The decorating in my bedroom had been going smoothly until it came to the wall that the dresser sits against. Do I add more art? More shelves? It felt like I'd already done everything I wanted to do in this room but this wall needed something.