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Multi functional Command Center Wall

It's amazing the relationship our surrounding have to our mental state. I couldn't show this wall for around 5 years because it had become a dumping ground for things I didn't have a place for. The space really needed to be serving us better though. The backdoor is our main entrance into and out of our home and it wasn't the best first experience for us day in and day out. I had a pretty long list of wants and needs for this wall and when the time was finally right, I pulled it together to create a multi-functional command center wall. Our command center wall is a home office, mudroom, and craft space all rolled into one.

9 Tips For Transitioning Your Home For Fall - Sponsored

Does anyone else feel it yet? For a few days now, I've felt the crisp air of Fall creeping into the mornings. Fall won't actually arrive here for another 2 months but we are going to keep getting these slow changes towards it. Another change that's creeping up faster than I thought it was going to is the upcoming school year. So I'm shifting my focus to prepare for everything coming our way. I've created a command center on an unused wall of our home and I'm going to share 9 tips for transitioning home to serve us in this next season.

Boho Home Decor To Buy On Amazon

Amazon Prime day has been all the talk of the town lately and as a result, I've had Amazon on my mind. I've been inspired to look back on my Amazon lists to see what all I had added to them and found a lot of great gems that led me to look through all my favorite categories again. I'm sure you don't need to hear it from me, but you can find everything there! I've collected my favorite items for home (and a few bonus items) below to share with you today.

Macrame Fringe Wicker Table Tutorial

One of the easier projects of the making of The Boho Lounge was adding a bohemian macrame fringe to an old wicker table. The old trim of the table had fallen apart years ago and I've always wanted to do something to jazz it up some. The little loops are perfect for stringing small rope through so I thought it would be the perfect simple project to embellish this old table. Giving life to this weathered wicker table has made it into a fun bohemian element of The Boho Lounge.

Something Different: The Boho Abode Summer Home Tour

It's summertime! I've refreshed some rooms and spaces of our home for the different pace of life that summer brings. Our home still has so much work, so many unfinished spaces, and there's never enough time or money. But I am so happy with the spaces we've worked on and can't wait to share them with you. Today I am going to take you on a tour of The Boho Abode Summer style. Let's dive in!

Where To Buy: Bohemian Rugs

A few years ago, I created a blog post all about my favorite resource for bohemian style pillows. Today I'm finally confident in sharing a reliable source for beautifully bohemian style rugs. Rugs are one of my favorite layers to designing a room. I can't imagine a room without a rug in my world. And even for a style that's usually curated through travel and thrift shops, there's still a way for us bohemian homebodies to get the look that fuels our soul.

The Boho Lounge Room Tour

The Boho Lounge is a space in my home where we can step away from the chaos of life and rejuvenate ourselves with rest, libations and inspiration with company and in solitude. Different from the pace of life that happens in the main living room of The Boho Abode, The Boho Lounge has been designed to be a retreat. Seamlessly transitioning from the gathering place to pour and share drinks, the place for a nap while the birds sing, the place for pulling out all of the books for learning and dreaming up new ideas, the place for pulling out board games and cards, and the place for meditating. The Boho Lounge is for all of the parts of life that fuel, spiritually.