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Artisan Made Gifts From Around The World - 12 Days Of Gift Ideas

Greetings and welcome back to another gift idea. Let's chat about artisan made goods from around the world. There's something that can't be beat about a gift that's handmade and can't be found in the store in every city. Don't you agree? I have some lovely gift ideas to share with you today. They're so nice, you'll want to keep them for yourself!

Home Care Gifts And Freebies With Grove Co | 12 Days Of Gift Ideas

My home is my refuge and I hope yours is a refuge for you. Part of creating a home that I feel safe and cozy in is making sure it's well cared for. If you've ever looked around your home and felt taken aback by the state it's in - you are not alone! I'm certain I have that feeling every single day. Part of what's helped me develop a rhythm to home care is having products I feel good about using on hand. Today I want to share some bundles and kits that are "feel good" and would make a wonderful gift to loved ones.

Shop Global Goods With Apartment No 3 | 12 Days Of Gifting Ideas

Greetings everyone and welcome back to day 2 of the 12 days of gifting ideas. Today I'm going to be sharing a small shop called Apartment No. 3 and I couldn't be more excited. The goods in this shop are all globally made and add a charming touch. You know I love color and boho so I couldn't adore her more.

Personalized Gifts With Minted | 12 Days Of Gift Ideas

Greetings everyone and happy December! I am so excited to slow down a bit this month and focus on preparing for an enjoying the Christmas season. For these next 12 days, I'm excited to bring you different gifting ideas each day. Today's gift ideas come courtesy of minted.com and I have a few customizable gifts to share with you.

The Boho Abode's Something Different Late Fall Home Tour

Can you believe Christmas is only 6 weeks away? Kidding! That's not what I'm here to bother you with. Instead we are savouring the season we are currently in with a late fall home tour. We are in the transitional period where Christmas is on the mind but it's still beautifully autumn outside. Today I'm excited to be joining the Something Different Home Tours again to share my late fall decor with you.

Simply Decorated Colorful Fall Home Tour

It's still quite warm here where we are living but the mornings have been cooler and the wind has a bit of crispness that is quintessential to Autumn and so I have felt compelled to usher more of that in by decorating for Fall. The way I decorate for Fall is simple. I swap out a few textiles in colors and textures that bring in the warm and cozy vibes and I add a few nods to the season in the way of decorative pumpkins. Let me show you my simply decorated, colorful Fall home tour below.

Multi functional Command Center Wall

It's amazing the relationship our surrounding have to our mental state. I couldn't show this wall for around 5 years because it had become a dumping ground for things I didn't have a place for. The space really needed to be serving us better though. The backdoor is our main entrance into and out of our home and it wasn't the best first experience for us day in and day out. I had a pretty long list of wants and needs for this wall and when the time was finally right, I pulled it together to create a multi-functional command center wall. Our command center wall is a home office, mudroom, and craft space all rolled into one.