My Home Style: Whimsical Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can tell you an awful lot about a person. And mine will tell you that I'm a little kooky and all over the place. But there's definitely an underlying theme to the tree and here are the words I use to describe it global, bohemian and whimsical. I'll show you some closer shots of my tree today and I hope you'll agree that those words fit my whimsical Christmas tree. But if you settle on kooky and all over the place, that won't hurt my feelings- I promise!

I guess I should back peddle a bit and explain why I am judging my Christmas tree right now. Well, today is the last day of Casa Watkin Living's My Home Style Christmas Tree hop. And that means that all week long, lots of talented bloggers have been sharing their decorated Christmas trees and they have all been incredible! Today I am on the roster to share my tree.

If you're already following along the hop, you already know all that and so let me introduce myself! My name is Corinna and you already know I'm a little kooky and all over the place but I blame that on being a true Gemini with a Gemini 5 year old keeping me busy. I'm a bohemian home decorator with an obsession with color and houseplants. Let me show you my tree now!

Global Boho Christmas Tree with Whimsical touches

The main theme to my ornaments are global and boho. There are lots of ornaments either made by artisans of other cultures or are representative of iconic symbols of other cultures. There's bright pops of blue, pink, green and purple. And there's also whimsical touches like little birds, mushrooms and flowers. I should probably be one of those people with more than one tree.

I started with gigantic glittery starburst ornaments. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if they were meant to be hung on a tree but there was no way I was going to pass on the opportunity to hang these on my tree. They're more than 12 inches long! I found those in the post holiday clearance section at Target last year and they were around a dollar each.

The magnolia flowers are also about a dollar each. I found those at the dollar store last month. I thought they were just so pretty! I've always loved flowers on a Christmas tree but not really poinsettias. These have turned out to be everything I didn't know I had been looking for.

I'm using the same tree topper from last year. I had found it in the clearance section the year before. It's metal with punched out designs for the light inside to shine through. It's quite heavy and never really stands up straight despite the built in claw. I can't really imagine myself using anything else but I'll probably look for a lighter one in this year's post holiday clearance.

And the tree skirt is an inexpensive one from Walmart's holiday shop. It's a deep jewel toned blue with sequins sewn in. It's pretty and I like that it's different from the more traditional options. If I had unlimited funds I would buy one of those vintage kilim rug turned tree skirt ones but those are expensive and I have a 5 year old to buy gift for - ha.

My tree is sandwiched in between my front door and a corner seating area, right in the middle of a whole wall of windows facing the street. It's quite beautiful to see from the street at night and makes up slightly for the fact that I didn't get much decor up in the front yard. And I love sitting in that chair beside the tree late at night. When everything is quiet and I get to enjoy the warm glow of the Christmas lights.

I can't remember an awful lot about the three that I bought. I'm not good at remembering things like that but I can tell you it's nothing designer or name brand. I bought it at Target because I wanted something taller than the dinky 6 footer we had. That 6 footer would've been fine if it weren't so short. I shared a post a few years ago about making the most of a cheap Christmas tree so if you need to add more volume to your tree, I definitely recommend checking that post out!

I don't use garland much because it never looks as good on my tree as it does everyone else's trees. Instead I have beaded garland messily draped around the tree. I like that it gives the illusion that I don't care how beautiful and put together my tree looks (even though I really do).

And I think that addresses everything from top to bottom about my whimsical global-boho Christmas tree. If you'd like to see how the tree fits in with the rest of my living room, I would be thrilled to share my Eclectic Winter Home Tour with you where I share how I've decorated my living room, dining room and bedroom with a mix of unconventional and traditional decor.

The DIY MommyDIY Decor MomHouseful of Handmade, and DIY Beautify are also sharing their Christmas tree styles so make sure to stop by each of them and leave them a comment because comments totally rock. And if you've missed any of the trees this week, here's the full schedule below.


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  1. Love the tree!! Loving those big star ornaments. So good!

  2. Julia@Cuckoo4DesignDecember 8, 2017 at 4:08 AM

    What a fun and beautiful tree and it's so you. Merry Christmas

  3. i love your tree and i think it says you are fun-loving!

  4. Corinna, I think your tree is fabulous! It's fun and colorful and I love how it is a perfect representation of you and your decorating style! Merry Christmas!

  5. What a beauty!!! I love the star!!!

  6. All the color and glitz! It's gorgeous!

  7. I love the variety of colors and textures on your tree! Uniquely perfect.

  8. I love how eclectic and whimsical your tree is Corinna. It feels so you! I bet it's just gorgeous from the outside. (I can't ever get garland right too...) lol

  9. Absolutely perfect, Corinna! Those giant ornaments are amazing and I love the flowers! This tree is just wonderful!

  10. Your home is so beautiful, and the tree is definitely whimsical!

  11. Corinna!!!!You know I adore this tree girl. Beautiful pieces and I always love your global boho takes on decor. Gorgeous tree decorating.

  12. looking so so so good girl! Love all the colours. I'm also super digging the skinny profile of the tree. Happy holidays!

  13. I'm never going to fault anyone for being too kooky ;). Love your tree--I really like the scale of the bigger ornaments and magnolia blossoms--dramatic!

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