Boho Style Winter Eclectic Home Tour

Hello and welcome to my 2017 bohemian Christmas home tour. My holiday decorating style involves a lot of using what I've used in previous year, budget additions, thrift finds, and lots of color. It's really an interesting mash between traditional Christmas decor and whimsical. But the Gemini in me just won't let it be one way or the other. If you like color, global accents, and a peculiar mix in of childhood Christmas decor, then I think you'll like what you see!
This tour is being shared in participation of Jess of Domicile 37's Eclectic Winter Home Tour. So a huge thank you to her for organizing all of this. Her home tours are always frigging incredible and I'm honoured to be included in the mix. If you're new here, my name is Corinna and I'm a bohemian home decorator with little restraint when it comes to houseplants and color. My specialty blending thrifted furniture with interesting textiles and filling in the rest of the space with global goods and plants. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the comment section below!

Let's come on in the front door then, shall we?

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First thing you'll see coming up to our house is a single little lighted Christmas tree in the yard because it's been rainy and cold and I haven't been brave enough to put much else up. But when you get to the porch, things get a bit better and you'll see our aqua front door with a lot layers. The bells are for good energy. The wreath I made and I am so stinking proud of how good it came out that it earned a spot as the Christmas wreath too because I'm not prepared to attempt to top that one yet. I did share a tutorial and if you're interested, you can visit the modern-scandi wreath tutorial here. To jazz it up a notch, we added the adorable glitter reindeer that we found at the dollar store.

Christmas definitely greets your right in your face at our home. The tree sits right in the center of a whole wall of windows facing the street. It's such a beautiful sight when coming home after dark. I won't inundate you with too many tree photos today though since I have shared details in My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition post.

There are lots of other little details to spot in this space though, like the miniature Christmas tree that we also picked up at the dollar store this year. I was surprised to see them and curious enough to spend a dollar to see if it would even stand. I'm happy to report that it's a sturdy little things. My son decorated it with the small ornaments from our collection and wrapped two battery operated light strands that are also from the dollar store. Keeping it company are a little white bottle brush tree (from the dollar store last year) and a white house (from this year's Target dollar spot section). It's a frugal and cheerful way to add some Christmas spirit to this corner.

I pulled the white midcentury modern rocker back in here. I have such a love/hate with this chair. It's comfortable and seriously looks amazing. But, it tips backward every time I get out of it and every time my son gets within a foot of it (haha). So it's been in the garage for months but I really wanted a cozy spot to sit right beside the tree. This is a test run to see if it can continue to live with us and I'm hopeful it works out.

Beside the white chair (and it's kind of irrelevant story), is a larger cabinet used as an end table. Along the back I have some of my books stacked up and in front I have 2 of my treasured fiber optic pieces. One is a small village and my grandmother gave it to me. My heart sank when I plugged it in and it didn't light up, but thankfully it was just a burnt out bulb and I replaced it for about $5. The other I thrifted and it's a charming little greenhouse! I couldn't love a Christmas decoration more, I swear.

I love sitting here late at night. When the house is quiet and there's no other lights but the Christmas tree and the other little light up decor. It's soothing and rejuvenating all at the same time. If you don't do twinkle lights, I can't believe you know what happiness feels like.

And I'll admit it, it's also a really cozy spot to watch TV.

The TV stand is a vintage credenza that I found on craigslist a few years ago. The seller was the owner of a little hole in the wall thrift shop and was selling the top and bottom separately. Nowadays I find them more valuable without the top anyways so that saved me the trouble of trying to find a home for it. The TV is semi-camouflaged by the hand painted Moroccan design on the wall. But the space around it received a little Christmas treatment with some faux greenery. I don't do real because of the mess and I found a few strands of this on a steep discount at Michael's and it's been nice having some to play around with (as you'll see in other spots of the house).

There's a little nativity next to the mass cane (who is also decorated with a sparkly blue bow- you'll spot many of the plants sporting this look for the holidays!) and on the other side is a little lighted house whose sign I painted over and repainted "RX" on homage to my many years working in a pharmacy. The copper "JOY" sign was a Target clearance find. I love shopping the clearance section after a holiday. It's pretty much the only way I get new holiday decor nowadays.

I also won't take up too much of this tour up with pictures of my Colorfully Eclectic Christmas Mantel because I shared all the details on it yesterday. I would love to have you check it out!

There's really not much else to share in this room so I'll rush you through the kitchen (I'm working on replacing the range hood, sink faucet and light fixtures so please excuse the mess) on to the dining room.

The dining room doubles as our homeschooling room. In reality, if we looked how much time the room is used for each, it would probably make better sense to say this is our homeschooling room that doubles as a dining room. Ha. It's a comfortable space for learning, eating and chatting. We even had a dance party with Christmas music in here last night.

I'll bring you a cute mug with your choice of hot chocolate or coffee (don't forget to leave your choice with your introduction in the comments).

I chose to use what I already had on hand for dressing the table. The chevron blanket is from 5 below and the runner I made from some vintage mudcloth and fringey trim. And the bowl is filled with the same dollar store vase filler I used for Thanksgiving but I replaced a few pieces with leftover ornaments.

The Merry Christmas garland is from World Market, again I picked it up on clearance last year after the holidays were over so it's the first time I've used it. Large glittery stars adorn the windows, pom poms embellish the cactus, and these handmade global style ornaments grace the guava tree.

My favorite in this room is the bar cart. Not only is this bar cart the best Target purchase of my life (it was clearance, of course), it's also the easiest thing to decorate for each season and holiday. The corner is decked out with one of those sparkly blue bows and a cluster of blue ornaments that didn't make the final cut onto the tree this year.

I've hung miniature Chinese lanterns I found in a box at a thrift store years ago on this little white Christmas tree I've had since I was a kid. Isn't that just too fun? I lovehow unexpected it is. Lanterns themselves are beautiful no matter which culture they come from, but I love the little scenes "painted" onto the paper in these ones. The wine bottle got an ornament bottle stopper, also thrifted, and it's still wearing the felt and tassel wine bottle tags I made for embellishing wine bottles to bring as a hostess gift. I have a tutorial for those DIY wine bottle charms here.

On the lower level, I have another one of those Target dollar spot white houses and a laser cut wood nativity scene that has twinkle lights inside that I just picked up at Walmart (gasp! I paid full price-lol).

If you need a mint after your drink, I have two options in this bowl here. Lifesavers mints in wintergreen and peppermint puffs. The lifesavers really have some zing to them. Have you seen those viral videos of people biting into them in the dark? Supposedly they'll spark!

The final Christmas detail in this room is the card hanger. I also found this at the dollar store. They're little clothespins with felt Christmas trees on them on a jute twine. I think it's the perfect way of displaying all those beautiful Christmas cards we send and receive this year.

The final room that I ended up decorating this year is my bedroom. And it's the simplest little touch. I was beginning to lose my energy for holiday decorating and didn't have much decor left so I left the bedroom alone for the most part. Besides fold clothes, I really only sleep in here so it wouldn't be appreciated much anyways.

If you've got a larger headboard like myself, why not try tacking a bit of greenery across it? It's pretty and just festive enough to count as having decorated a space.

Now that I've shared more than 1,700 words with you and all my Christmas decorating ideas (at least the practical ones), I'm going to send you off to the next stop on the home tours. Quick reminder to leave you introduction and drink preference in the comments below.

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  1. Hey love....
    You are so the queen of boho. I adore how cozy and colorful your home is and the good vibes are only intensified with the holidays. By the way, I am having a fit over your credenza/tv area.....incredible!

  2. Looks so good! Love your tree 💕💕

  3. Your home is so cheerful and fun and I love that you also decorate with color for the holidays! Yay for color!

  4. i just love your cheerful cozy home! your bedroom, mantle, and that painted wall take the cake for me! SO good!!!

  5. corinna.ah@gmail.comDecember 7, 2017 at 4:25 PM

    Thank you Cassie! As with every other human being, your validation makes my happiness!

  6. corinna.ah@gmail.comDecember 7, 2017 at 4:25 PM

    Thanks Jessica! I'm honoured you like it!

  7. corinna.ah@gmail.comDecember 7, 2017 at 4:26 PM

    SHOOK because I absolutely ADORE your home and style! haha. If I could give you my credenza/tv area I'd give it to you. It would look so good with your aesthetic!

  8. corinna.ah@gmail.comDecember 7, 2017 at 4:27 PM

    Yay! The colorful Christmas club is a tiny one! I'm so glad you get me <3

  9. Corinna, I'm obsessed with your use of color and your sprinkling of yuletide throughout your home!! You've got such a cool bohemian touch that's inspiring and ultra cozy. And, since you mentioned it, that TV blending in with the painted walls is genius. Love!!!

  10. Love your boho eclectic Christmas Home tour! So many terrific ideas!

  11. I love your colourful home, so gorgeously decorated in such a fabulous boho Christmas style! Just love it x

  12. Your home is so colorful and happy Corinna! I LOVE the bar cart and Christmas styling and your bedroom garland. So pretty!

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