Bohemian Dining Room Lighting

When aiming to add bohemian flair to a dining space through lighting, it can be hard to pinpoint what styles will enhance this design goal. Bohemian encompasses such a large array of styles and that in itself makes choosing a particular direction to go in kind of difficult. When I think bohemian lighting, I think of a couple different separate categories: Rustic, Romantic and Vintage vibes. So depending on what all you have going on in your space, one of those categories will hopefully find you the perfect light.

I kept all of the lights I chose to feature under $500 because it feels like a good kind of high but not extravagant budget. Lighting really sets the tone for a dining space so it can be good to budget a bit more of the budget for it's impact. That'll totally be up to you, but know that none of these are over $500.


Antique Chandelier | Drum Pendant | 6-Light Chandelier | Brass Pendant


Olive Bronze Chandelier | Antique Gold Pendant | Brass And Crystal Chandelier | Bronze Pendant


Bronze Pendant | Brass Cut Out Pendant | Industrial Farmhouse Pendant | Gold Leaf Pendant

What do you think? What comes to mind when you're thinking of boho style lighting? Especially for a space like a dining room. Since they can be such a formal space, it makes infusing the relaxed vibes of bohemianism a bit more tricky. But that's why I'd love to hear your thoughts! Chime in, comment section below 👇

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