Simple Stenciled Wall Shelf + Office Gallery Wall

Today's post is kind of a 2 in 1. I'm going to share with you the simple tutorial for the wall shelf and then I'll span out and show you the finished Inspiration Wall above my computer desk. I hope you enjoy how it's turned out and feel inspired to create an inspiring space for yourself.

Simple STenciled Wall SHelf by For My Love OF

Simple Stenciled Shelf Tutorial

What You'll Need:

How Long It Tales:

  • About an hour minus paint dry times.

Start by taking 2 pieces of wood, either bought to length or cut to the same length, and screw them into each other like shown in the picture below.

simple screws hold a basic wooden wall shelf together

Give the shelf a coat or two of paint. I used a crisp white so that the shapes I wanted to stencil onto it would pop out.
painting basic white paint onto basic wooden shelf

Once your shelf has dried, lay down a piece of wide painters tape along the face of the smaller piece of wood.
cover spot with painter's tape

Either sketch out or print out the shape you want on your shelf. I chose to repeat the same southwestern shape that's in my accent wall.

Using a craft knife, cut the shape into a piece of cardboard. Not the corrugated cardboard, but the flat kind.
cut out shape into carboard

Use the stencil as a guide to cut the shape into the painter's tape. The tape is thin, so don't press too hard otherwise you'll end up with deep cuts in your wood.
use guide to cut out shape

Using a foam brush, fill in the spots where you cut out your shape.
painting stenciled shelf

Peel back your tape while the paint is still wet to reduce any bleeding, and you're done! My preferred technique for hanging this shelf is to drill 2 holes through the shelf and hold it up to the wall, with a level on it to mark the holes that need to go into the wall. Personally I find this easiest so I'm not fighting with measuring out spots.
stencils on simple shaelf

AND here's a look at the inspiration gallery wall I've put together above my work space!
inspirational home office gallery wall

These are pages from an Inspirational desk calendar a good friend gifted me for Christmas one year. I created these cute hand stamped clothespins to hold them and inspire me whilst I blog away.
inspirational pages from a calendar

my point of view

If the light fixture intrigues you, be sure to check out the DIY Brass Himmeli Light Fixture.
diy himmeli inspired light over duck tape curtains
peek at my desk

And the banner is made by Gilit, creator and shop owner of the Bannerie. There were pink tassels behind the letter, and I loved the tassels, but I cleaned it up and removed those for now.
super simple stenciled wall shelf

This home office functions perfectly for me as a mom and creator. Blogging goes smoothly in a space that inspires me and I have all of my craft supplies organized so I can find and use them easily.


  1. Such a simple idea but it really completes the room! I just love your office, it would make me feel creative just being in it.

  2. I love that! I stay completely inspired in this space! I would love to see you deck out your kitchen, since that's your domain!

  3. This looks great and really doesn't look too tricky at all! A picture ledge/ wall shelf like this is definitely on my to-do list - so pretty and functional at the same time. If you'd like, I'd love for you to link this to Motivational Monday:

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  5. I love how it came out! XO, Gilit


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