DIY Painted Floor and Accent Pillow Tutorials

Remember those last few touches I mentioned a few weeks ago that needed to be done before the final reveal of my Home Office. My goal for the space to make it DIY, glamorous, and feminine with an edge. In today's post, I will be sharing with you the process to create both a painted floor pillow and a spray painted accent pillow. Yes, you can totally use spray paint to add custom designs to handmade throw cushions! Isn't that fun?

Super Easy, no fancy tools, NO SEWING! painted accent and floor pillow tutorials

What You'll Need

Floor Pillow- Latex Paint, Heat n Bond, Flat Iron, Painters Tape, Bean Bag Filler, Foam Brush

Accent Pillow- Spray Paint, Heat n Bond, Flat Iron, Painters Tape, Bean Bag Filler

How Long It Takes

About 2 hours to crank out both pillows

The Process

Start by measuring out 2 squares the size you want your pillow to be. I went with a 24 inch floor pillow so that it would fit perfectly beneath my work table and a 15 inch accent pillow (a bit smaller than a usual accent pillow, but perfect for lumbar support).

Take a length of Heat n Bond tape the length of one of the sides an lay it inbetween the two squares of drop cloth close to the edge. Do the same with the other two sides but leave about 1.25 inches from the side we'll stuff so account for folding and tape on that side.
align heat n bond

Here's where you may think I'm crazy. But I TOTALLY recommend this and think it's the easiest way of making these pillows. Use a hair straightener to attach two sides. It gets hot enough to heat the tape up, and doesn't require you to lie it on an ironing board or lie it flat as you iron (which makes a big difference once these pillows are filled with stuffing!).

Accent Pillow (Floor Pillow Right After!)

tape out triangles

For the triangle pillow, You can eyeball or measure out two triangles. I used a ruler to find the center but eyeballed the rest.

fill in remaining space

Fill in any space you don't want painted with tape. Painters tape isn't necessary, but make sure the tape sticks well.

spray paint

Take the pillow to a well ventilated space and spray paint the fabric. This will leave a slight rough texture, but it will soften over time. I'll also point out now that if you're using a metallic spray paint, it won't show up that way. You'll get a glitter finish, but not shiny.

pillow detail

Peel back the tape and enjoy!

Now I'll show you how to acheive the floor pillow and jump back on how to fill and seal them.

Floor Pillow

apply tape

Use a yard stick to measure out from corner to corner and lie down painters tape. Then lie it across the opposite corners and split the one half in another half (a quarter of the pillow).

foam brush paint onto sections

Using a foam brush, press paint into the sections you want painted. Don't glob the paint on, just enough to get opaque enough color. The more paint you use, the more bleeding and crunchiness you'll encounter.
metallic stripe

Split the quartered section to leave a stripe you can paint an accent color. I chose metallic gold paint. It does not turn out metallic though. DIYer beware, metallic paints do not show up metallic on fabric. I don't hate it, but I may do something else with it later.

let dry

The paints will be slightly damp while you're working through all of this but that's OK. Because we're using small amounts of paint, they dry quickly.

Filling and Sealing the Pillows

iron edges

Fold the edges of the open side inwards and use the straightener to crease them. This makes sealing this side after it's filled much easier.

fill with bean bag filler

Get a friend to hold your creation open for you and pour Bean Bag filler into it. It's inexpensive and goes a long way! And is great for DIY lumbar pillows.
heat n bond shut

Take short pieces of Heat n Bond and place the piece between the folded sides. Use your straightener to heat it. Let it cool before moving the flaps because it'll release the glue.

Once that side is cooled, you're ready to use!

And here's how they turn out :)

vintage sewing chair with diy spray painted pillow atop

floor pillow
floor pillow and accent pillow

I hope you've enjoyed this easy DIY. If you're a bit more skilled and have a bit more time, you can put a zipper on the final side so you can wash the covers. They're so easy and inexpensive to make that I've decided they're not worth the trouble of saving if they're so dirtied a wet wiping can't fix.
Thanks for coming by today, I hope you're well! Don't forget to share this post with your friends!


  1. Your hair straightener idea is genius!!! I love using heat-n-bond to make pillows, but I end up hand stitching the last edge - this is an awesome solution! Love the geometric designs on the pillows too!

  2. Love these! Also really appreciate that they are no-sew - I'm not too good with a sewing machine yet!

  3. So adorable and love the paint on the floor. :) Thanks so much for linking up to the Merry Monday Link Party! Hope to see you next week!- Treana @

  4. These are adorable! Love the designs! Thanks for sharing with us at Your Designs This Time! Pinning!
    Emily & Erin


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